Get Started with Bitcoin

get started with bitcoinWant to get started with Bitcoin?

Lucky for you, Bitcoin Worldwide is the perfect place to start your venture down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

We make getting into Bitcoin easy and clear.

1. Learn About Bitcoin

Before you buy bitcoin or get a wallet, check out some great resources that offer good background on how Bitcoin works and why it’s important.

  • – A great place to learn generally about how Bitcoin works and how you can use it to benefit you.

2. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

Once you have a better idea on why you want to use Bitcoin, it will be easier to pick out a wallet.

This is because different wallets are good for different use cases.

Our wallet guide will help you find the right wallet for you. For a quick version, here are some wallets we recommend:

  • breadwallet – An easy to use Bitcoin wallet for both iOS and Android.
  • Electrum – A simple Bitcoin wallet for all desktop platforms.
  • Ledger Nano S – A hardware wallet, meaning your bitcoins are stored securely offline.
  • GreenAddress – A Bitcoin web wallet, meaning you can use it across multiple devices and access it from any web browser.

3. How to Buy Bitcoins

Now that you have a wallet and understand a bit how to use Bitcoin, you can try buying some!

You can use following exchanges to buy:

  • CoinbaseA good option to buy bitcoins with a credit card in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Singapore.
  • CoinMamaYou can use CoinMama to buy bitcoin with a credit card or debit card from nearly any country.
  • LocalBitcoinsLocalBitcoins makes it easy to find people near you who are selling bitcoins. Once you find a seller you can agree on a payment method and make the exchange.

If none of the exchanges above seem like a good fit, you can check our sister site Buy Bitcoin Worldwide to find more exchanges.

4. Accept Bitcoin in Your Store

Using a Bitcoin payment processor like Bitpay you can easily accept Bitcoin payments in your online or physical store.


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