Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

Our Bitcoin mining calculator is meant to help you determine your Bitcoin mining profitability.

As you can see this depends on a number of factors that are always changing, like:
• the current Bitcoin difficulty
• the current Bitcoin price
• your electricity costs
• price of your mining hardware

We have created this calculator with most fields required. Although please note it is not 100% accurate since things like the Bitcoin price and the network difficulty/hash rate are changing constantly!!


  1. Hi,
    Should I put the hash speed in gh/s? Or in h/s?

  2. Can you add $ profit per week vs hardware cost, and extend out to an arbitrary time period, like 6 months 1 and 2 years?

  3. Good calculator. Thank you

  4. I ran a comparison with another website’s calculator and your page is fine!
    Must be the full moon or the Web-Troll got kicked out from under his bridge!

    Thanks for your info on USB Miners, keep up the good work!

  5. This calculator generates completely false results and projections. Keep trying though.

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